March 6th, 2004


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There's an interesting quidditch injury from about twenty years ago, where a seeker almost choked to death on a snitch...

He had reached for the snitch, and, with this change of weight, caused himself to fall off of his broom. With his mouth in a yell of surprise and fear, he caught the snitch within it. Upon landing on the ground three meters from where he fell, he swallowed the thing.

Since he was obviously in need of assistance wediwizards rushed to him, and very carefully levitated it out of his throat!

The wings of the ball and the size of it itself, did unfortunately cause some vocal problems even after the snitch was removed. It was a fortnight before his throat was fully healed and he was able to speak again. The book says his first words after he healed were "We won, right?"

From another brick in the wall, I wish you well.
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