March 2nd, 2004


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There is a very interesting article in a medimagic magazine about Midas Disease.

As might be expected the disease causes whatever one touches to turn to gold, well, at least take the appearance of gold. Lucky, if the sufferer touches a living creature, the creature is not killed but simply, hm, frozen... If the disease is lifted then they awake as themselves and continue with whatever thought they were thinking before touched. Of course their have been cases of people waking up missing a finger or so...

One contracts Midas Disease by touching anything another carrier has turned to gold. This means that once a carrier touches something, they are the only being able to touch it again until they are cured.

Now the cure for Midas Disease is the very, very interesting part. It is purely psychological. There is no medical cure for it, the carrier themselves has to cure it. Since Midas Disease is usually contracted due to cupidity, all mediwizards can tell suffers is to do one selfless act. Usually it cures them and teaches them a bit of a lesson about greed.

Though doing a selfless act without touching anything can be extremely difficult. The article lists some of the more interesting attempts people have made to cure themselves. One man thought it would be selfless if he gave away all of the gold he had created, not realizing that whoever he gave it to would then also be infected. Another man took a deadly blow for someone else. He was cured, but died shortly thereafter from the blow. One woman who had a child that was deathly ill, touched it so it would be safe until it could be cured. But that of course cured her in return, and hence returned the child to its non golden state. The article doesn't mention if the child was alright or not...

I wish you well.
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