February 24th, 2004


(no subject)

Mother sent me an unedited copy of her newest book! As always I'll read it after school work but before medimagic. She said before that in this book the hero is given a potion by his family that removes any memory of the heroine, and he is engaged to another pureblood! She assured me of course that, as always, there's a happy ending.

Oh! And more good news! My grandmother sent me an owl, well, she gave it to my mother who sent it, but anyway! My grandmother said that her sister is Africa is going to become a great grandmother over the summer, and my grandmother has to go down to help honor her or something, but she wants to bring me along!

I've always wanted to go to Africa, and getting to meet my grandmother's family would be so delightful! I have so many cousins I've never meet, and I'm afraid I really don't know that much about my grandmother's culture... I'd have to ask my parents first put there shouldn't be any trouble in me going! Oh it'll be so wonderful!

I wish you well!