February 20th, 2004


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Mermecolion- Head of lion/body ant
-Ant body can't digest meat lion head craves
-Dies after few hours of birth
- Is it born from an egg or a womb?

Boil Water
Add 1 tbsp field horsetail
Add 1 tbsp culver's root
Add 2 tbsp Bird's foot trefoil
Add 1 tbsp lavender cottom
Add 1 tbsp lesser periwinkle
Add 1 tbsp sweet gum
Add 2 tbsp kelp
Simmer for 5
Add 1 cup powdered oatmeal
Stir until purple
Simmer for 10
Add 3 tbsp esscence of jasmine
Stir until clear
Turn off heat
Pour into mold
Set to cool

If a full moon affects a werewolf so greatly,
does a new moon have any effect?

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