February 9th, 2004


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I just finished reading the part about injuries caused by broom malfunctions. At one point a player’s broom took him entirely out of the pitch and into a nearby poisonous swamp. (I’m not sure why they were playing by it in the first place…) The mediwizards did all they could for his injuries but eventually they had to give him some jimsonweed to expel the poison! A poison to expel a poison, how clever!

Most people think that all mediwizards do at Quidditch matches are fix bones and sprains and bruises. But one of the appeals of Quidditch is that anything can happen! A mediwitch has to be prepared for anything that might possibly even in the slightest chance happen! It’s very exciting.

I’ve been practicing my broken bone spells like Madam Pomfrey told me. She gave me the cow rib she had used while trying to become a mediwitch. It’s enchanted to be easily broken but healed the same as any human bone. So I break it and try to improve my healing time. I’m getting rather good at it!