February 8th, 2004


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My book arrived! Oh it’s wonderful! There’s an entire section about splinter injuries and some of the detracting techniques are amazing! They’ve used everything from ‘Accio’ to muggle forms of glue! It’s really interesting!

The section of bludger hits to the body is quite graphic but very informative. Once, in the 1920’s, a bludger hit a seeker straight on and completely crushed almost the entirety of his rib cage! The mediwizards had to heal him right on the field because if they had taken the time to move him to the tents the bone fragments would have cut open his heart! It took them thirty-four healing spells, fifteen different potions, and a few charms to heal him! He still had a few days of recovery but he ended up being fine! Of course, he never would chase the snitch again. His wife wouldn’t let him.

Spook is looking at me hungrily so I better go and feed him before he tries to eat Su’s scarf again.