February 6th, 2004


(no subject)

While reading Magic and Medicine of Plants I found out that extract from mullein helps soothes mucous membranes and help heal chest colds. Also, the oil of it helps earaches. But surprisingly, and I asked Madam Pomfrey to make sure, mullein is not in Pepperup potion! The plant treats many flu ailments and I'm sure would only help make the Pepperup potion more effective, so I wonder why it isn't an ingredient. I would ask Professor Snape if it would interfer with any of the other ingredients to produce a bad result, but I do not wish to bother him. If I could get a hold of the ingredients I could try adding mullein to the potion myself and see the result, but who would I test it on? I am not willing to make any fellow student my test subject, and I don't suffer from flu symptoms myself. Maybe I should forget it.

I just had an idea. It came with the image of me creating a Pepperup potion while having the flu, and accidently sneezing into the cauldron, mixing some of the flu germs in with the potion! In muggle medicine, a vaccine against an illness is simply a very small does of the illness for the immune system to become accustomed to. If you placed some flu germs in with the potion, would it help prevent further illness, or would the potion simply kill the germs instantly? The potion is made for treating the symptons and not the germs themselves, so maybe they could survive and help prevent illness in the future! I really must talk to Madam Pomfrey about this!

Oh! My mother has finished writing another book and is currently in the editing process. She writes the "Just Two People" series about a muggle born witch and her pureblood lover. This one is the sixth in the series. They are very popular in America so my mother spends a lot of time touring over there. She and my father tour all over the world promoting her books. He has nothing to do with them, he just enjoys travelling. For Christmas they'll be in Peru so I'll have to stay at Hogwarts over the break. My mother is very happy, and I am happy for her.

Anyway, History of Magic homework calls for me.